Icorian Doli

Quality Is Important In House Renovation And Modernization.

Many people always have the urge to bring some change into their own four walls. For this one wall to be repainted, maybe a new laminate is laid, or a new lamp is installed. But such renovation ideas are boring at some point and nothing special anymore. At the moment like this, you need something more special. Something that nobody else has. Such as a special ceiling design or perhaps a very special floor covering.

High-quality acoustic ceiling

Everyone knows these apartments: You can hear all the noises from the neighboring rooms: TV programs on, snoring, or even noises from the toilet. The sound insulation is not sufficient in these cases. The acoustics in the rooms can be strongly influenced by the materials of the ceiling, the floor, the walls, and the room furnishings. Highly reflective surfaces mainly cause high reverberation. A really good home improvement in room acoustics can be achieved with a so-called acoustic ceiling. Such a ceiling can noticeably improve the sound on the premises. The plaster is applied in a special spraying process and is available in different grain sizes. This plaster is particularly suitable for large rooms with a puristic interior design. With such a ceiling to improve the acoustics, the room acoustics can be significantly improved by noticeably reducing the reverberation. A special plaster is applied completely seamlessly so that you will later see an even and continuous surface. Thanks to a large variety of possible colors, structures, and grain thicknesses, it is possible that the ideal structure can be created and applied exactly according to your own wishes for every project.

High-quality and at the same time environmentally friendly floor design

Another special design option for the interior is an epoxy resin floor. However, the major disadvantage of this is that normal floors made of “real” epoxy resin represent a major burden on the environment during production since it is made of plastic. However, there is also an alternative for this, so that the usual beautiful floor can be created and can also be used without hesitation. An epoxy resin floor from Senso does not consist of chemical epoxy but of biopolymers on a natural basis, particularly environmentally friendly. These are also extremely resilient and available in every imaginable color. The resilience goes so far that you can hardly see any signs of wear and tear. Chemicals and liquids can hardly harm the floor made of environmentally friendly epoxy resin on a natural basis. Another great advantage is the way it is laid. Due to the seamless application, the floor is also particularly easy to care for, satisfying the highest hygiene and safety requirements.